Eye of God mandala artwork

by Jay Mohler

Ojo de Dios, or the plural, Ojos de Dios ( the Spanish *j* is silent, or a light *h* sound, so roughly pronounced *oh-ho's-day-DEE-ohs*), which is Spanish for Eye of God, or Eyes of God were a popular folk art in the American Southwest during the 1970's, and I sold many hundreds to "trading posts" and tourist gift shops in and around Albuquerque during that time.

My original inspiration came from seeing such mandalas made by Huicholes of the remote mountains in central Mexico, and later seeing amazingly similar yarn and stick creations woven by Tibetans.

Currently, January, 2018, I've relocated to Oaxaca, Mexico, and, after a time of adjusting, I'm again weaving Ojos de Dios, this time from natually produced yarns from this area, which is abundantly rich in Native cultures. Instead of selling via etsy.com, as I've done for several years now, I'll be listing examples of my work here, and also I'll be posting my latest via my facebook page, Jay Mohler, YarnMandalas.com

Any questions about an ojo, or ordering, you can always email me at jay@yarnmandalas.com
or find me on Skype as jayfroggy.

Also, there is much to see on my Facebook pages, where you can find much about my life and work at facebook.com/jaysojos

Here are three of my current mandalas for sale in my old esty.com shop, now run by my former apprentices. Click any of them go to their etsy shop page, where they can be easily purchased, and shipped worldwide, from Asheville, North Carolina, USA.


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